A New Day  by Diane Hein

            If our day runs dry and the path circles shut,
             Let’s keep a window open to let the sun in
             The one tucked in our hearts
             For through it will shine a corridor of hope
             That whatever befalls in our life
             We can handle
             And that whatever happens in the new day
             We can carry on.

          Thought of the Day by Diane Hein

           Dark might be the past,
             but every dawn carries new light.

          Smile of the Day by Diane Hein

          Cheerfulness is a choice but one thing
             is for sure, caffeine helps every new day!  :)


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Below are other poems relating to this photo.

A New Day

      By Diane Hein

Take the morning sunlight and then stretch it through the day
Let it fill up your heart in each and every way.

Then give this one little gift to those at work or home
And peace and love shall be penned lika good poem.

Time to Go Forward

    By Diane Hein

It's a new day
Time to go forward
And search the seas
To grow on a winding vine
And keep stretching for the sun.
To always look ahead
While making the decision
To be happy in the moment.