Ever Have One of Those Days?

                                        By Diane Hein

          Yes doggonit we all have those days
            When putting one foot in front of another
            Causes dismay!
            But let’s hold on tight
            And roll with the punches,
            Keep our heads up high
            Until the time
            We are smiling again!

          Thought for the Day by Diane Hein

            In rough times let’s help one another,
            and we’ll help ourselves.

          Smile for the Day by Diane Hein

            A dog day becomes brighter
            when I paint chocolate in it!  :)
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"Meet Abby, an adorable dog I fell in love with, whose gracious owner let me photograph her one Saturday morning while I was passing by.  Abby is in dog heaven now, so her owners now have Jack."

Below is another poem relating to this photo.

To All Dog Lovers by Diane Hein

Shaggy or short-haired
Pug nose or long snout
Five pounds or fifty
Dogs are filled with love.
From wet noses
To wistful eyes
To wagging tails
Dogs are filled with love.
With their undying devotion
And happy woofs
And games of tag and fetch
Dogs fill their owners with love.