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Diane Hein, Photographer, Poet

My love for photography started when one day I wanted to photograph my lovely Tiffany rose with a  point and shoot camera, and I could not get a close-up of it to show its delicate colors.  I borrowed a 35 mm camera from a friend, was able to get a beautiful, close-up photo of my very first rose I ever bought and planted, and the rest is history!

My favorite subjects to photograph are flowers and glass in still-life arrangements as I find this very creative and artistic.  When I photographed "Elegant Lady"  with its combination of pearls, a  beautiful glass swan and a red rose, it was love at first click!  My passion for studio and still-life photography was born one Saturday afternoon! 


  Red, White and Blue Forever!   Tiffany Beauty   Victorian Lady

As you browse my web site, you will see I have a separate web page for whimsy and humor photography.  I like to look at the light side of life as much as possible, and you will see a collection of photos that show how life is filled with fun-filled moments.

Fortunately my photography has brought me to the outdoors more, and many of my photographs reflect the serenity found in nature and its ability to provide peace within us.

 Nature's Canopy Grand Canyon Sunset  A New Day

I use three cameras, 35 mm and digital, for my photography, two Canons and one Minolta,

I started writing poetry in high school although only more seriously the past four years writing every day at breakfast.  Many of my poems are inspirational, some humorous and some are comments on different aspect of our daily lives.  I try to find the good in whatever happens to me and the world around me.  I do believe we can all turn lemons into lemonade with persistence and a positive attitude, and much of my poetry is inspirational in this regard.

My educational background includes a Bachelor's of Science Degree from Case-Western Reserve, Cleveland, Ohio.

Feel free to email me or write me at:

Diane Hein
30725 U.S. 19 North   #107
Palm Harbor, Florida  34684         (just north of Clearwater, Florida)

Below is a poem that describes me a bit!

The Woman I Am

    By Diane Hein
    November 7, 2003

The woman I am
   knows no bounds
Challenges not problems
   in life's fairgrounds.

She goes her way
  which drives belief
That persistence is key
  in any cloverleaf.

The woman I am
  has a big dream
That she will win
  even swimming upstream.

Life is filled with beauty, joy, humor and interesting things to photograph whether we are in our back yards or traveling to other continents.  I hope you enjoy browsing through my photographs and reading my poetry and in doing so, will look for and appreciate even more all the wondrous things we have here on this earth.  My Hellocards which combine my photography and poetry are specifically designed to reflect this.

The Photographer's Dream

    By Diane Hein
      October 9, 2004

Light's calligraphy writes a sparkling story
Each luminous page shining through air
A colorful message bouncing
At the photographer
Who chases this magic
Until the perfect photo is born.

An old Navajo saying captures my feelings on my photography and poetry:

Beauty is before me
Beauty is behind me
Beauty is above me
Beauty is below me
I walk in Beauty.

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