Bless The Little Ones  by Diane Hein

              Fearless are babies and toddlers
              Giggles and smiles too
              Exploring the world with all hands
              Curiosity everywhere!
              Oh little ones you teach us a valuable lesson
              One we must remember forever
              To reach out with passion and determination
              And go after what we want!

           Thought for the Day by Diane Hein

            When a child learns to say “mom” and
             “dad,” teach him or her to say “I can.”

           Smile for the Day by Diane Hein

            The "terrible twos" is the ONE year of a toddler's
              life that mothers say feels like TWO years!:)
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"Meet Anna! With a cute face like this, she'll be a knockout at age 21!  Anna lives in Oxford, England.  Her lovely mother let me photograph her one Monday morning while they was visiting here in the United States."


Below are other poems relating to this photo.

Anna of Oxford, England

       By Diane Hein

Eyes light up
Smiles spread
Faces brighten
Joy ignites
Anna is in the room.

On Babies

    By Diane Hein

The perfect world of a baby
A mother's joy
A father's pride
God's little treasures
Beyond what can ever be measured.