Birds of a Feather Flock Together!  by Diane Hein

        Common interests, common goals
        Bring friends together
        Families together
        Nations together.
        It’s easy when likes like likes.
        But let’s walk together
        And work together
        Even in our differences.

      Thought for the Day by Diane Hein

        Differences can spark interesting bonds so
        let’s welcome new friends into our flock.

      Smile for the Day by Diane Hein

        Aging and wine go together, it often takes years to mature! :)

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"This lovely glass bird was given to my parents by my Aunt Dorothy when I was a child and now is passed down to me.  One Saturday afternoon a gracious man cut one of his Bird of Paradise flowers to me to photograph.   When I came home I realized I could create an interesting photograph with my glass bird and the real flower!"

Unenforceable Rules We Make by Diane Hein

When life kicks you, then it's time to kick it back
Hold your head up high and soon you'll be on track!

Forgive those who cannot give you what you want
Dismiss their mistakes so they no longer taunt.

Too often we make rules that others can't keep
Accepting is key to how others speak.