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Custom-Made Bookmarks for your business, church, nonprofit, club or family. 

Order yours today!

1. Business: my photo or yours, perfect to give as a little gift or a thank you gift

2. Church: cross, angel, Bible photo or provide your own

3. Club: book clubs, women’s or men’s clubs, your photo or mine, great for fund-raising events

4.  Nonprofit organizations, your photo or mine, great for fund raising events

5. Family: baby, child or family photo, must provide your own photo



Use custom-made laminated bookmarks as a FUND RAISER or GIVE AWAY to promote your business, club or church. Bookmarks are a great little gift to give away as a thank you gift after a business sale!  I can provide fine art photography from this web site  or if you don’t see what you want there, just ask email me as I have thousands of fine art prints in stock. Or provide your own photo for your business, church or club. Send me your baby or children’s photos or family photos to give photo bookmarks to friends and family. There are hundreds of poems, Thoughts for the Day and Smiles for the Day from which to choose for online at  for your bookmark.  Click Hellocards for a full selection of Thoughts for the Day under each photo.  For a selection of my poetry click: Poetry 

If you wish, you can pick up your custom-made laminated bookmarks at This Old Place in Safety Harbor, Florida to save on shipping costs.

Laminated Process:  With this method, a full color image is printed and then laminated to protect it and yet retain complete CLEAR professional visibility. The laminate is of the highest quality available, 5 ml, and is especially chosen for its abilities to allow my full color fine art photography or your own photo image to show through. These bookmarks are fully encapsulated in the laminate. This process is referred to as "sealed edges". Your laminated bookmark will last for decades!These bookmarks are fully encapsulated in the laminate.  This process is referred to as "sealed edges".  You may choose any of my fine art photography OR you may upload your own image.



You may use 1.  PayPal  2.  your credit card or 3.  your debit card...either way your order is always SECURE on line here!



Order the quantity of custom-made bookmarks here and then come back to this page and submit your email address and text information for your business, club, church or family for your custom-made bookmark.  Easy fill-in-the blank forms are below. 



1.  I will send a proof to you, but you will receive your bookmarks faster if all text is entered and spelled correctly ahead of time so double check your text before submitting your order below!

2.  If you have additional text changes AFTER the proof is sent to you, an additional $10 will be charged for each additional text change before another proof is sent.



$2.95 each custom-made laminated bookmark, 20 minimum per order PER DESIGN.  (NO Orders available for under 20) 


$1.75 each custom-made laminated bookmark, 50-100 minimum per order.


$1.50 each custom-made laminated bookmark, 101-500 minimum per order. 


$1.25 each custom-made laminated bookmark,  501-1000 minimum per order.


$1.00 each custom-made laminated bookmark 1001-1500 minimum per order.




1.  In the space below simply type in the TEXT that you want in your custom-made bookmark such as your name, title if any, church name, business, club name, and U.S. address if desired, and email address if desired on your bookmark.

All text will be Times Roman unless you specifically identify what font you wish for your text.  Remember that a one to two inch photo will go on top!


2.  Name of Photo from this web site:   If you wish to submit your own photo jpg from your business, church, club, or family, I will personally email you for this photo upon receipt of payment from you.  I only will accept clear publicly acceptable images.  If they are unacceptable in quality I will either adjust them personally, send you a proof or ask you to submit another photo which is clearer.


3.  In the following space if you want a FREE Poem or Thought for the Day or Smile for the Day in your bookmark from  fill in the blank below.  Further down on this page are some samples you can use.

Click Hellocards for a full selection of Thoughts or Smiles for the Day under each photo.  For a selection of my poetry click: Poetry 


4.  Contact information

First Name *  

Last Name *  

Address *  

City * 

State *  

Zip Code *  

Your Email  IMPORTANT!!! *  



PLEASE double check all the spellings and addresses or email addresses, city and state, and your text before you hit submit!





There are six bookmarks to a package.  You may purchase six of the same photo or an assortment of six different photos.  They are printed on high gloss 72 pound heavy gloss paper, and these bookmarks are perfect to tuck into a greeting card as a little gift.

Each bookmark comes with a short poem.   How to Order




  Bookmark Holder for business and retail sales, click on photo to see larger picture

How to Order