The Bridge to Serenity by Diane Hein

            The bridge to serenity can be uphill
            Often it takes a very determined will.

            There are no easy roads that are paved for us
            Not something we ride like a solitude bus.

            But many things can be found along the way
            If we make solitude part of every day.

            To walk in a garden or smell a flower
            Can give solitude with its quiet power.

         Thought for the Day by Diane Hein

           One bridge to serenity is being
           curled up with a good book.

         Smile for the Day by Diane Hein

         Many people find serenity by
           avoiding the dentist!  :)
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The Bridge to Serenity by Diane Hein

The bridge to serenity requires a plan
To organize our life more like a businessman.

To sit down and arrange personal quiet time
So the long day feels in tune and  more in rhyme.

A  walk in a garden, a hobby, let these flow
They revive the mental spirit so we can grow.

Then most importantly forgive all who wronged us
For a more serene life to register in the plus.