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Business and or Retail Owners: If you currently are a business owner and wish to stock and sell my photography,  Hellocards, Hello Thoughts, bookmarks, calendars, in your place of business, retail or commercial please Email Me.

Private Consumers:  You may wish to sell items to friends and family to build a small business. Email Me.

Home Parties:  Home parties are perfect settings to hand out Hellocards, Hello Thoughts, bookmarks and as a thank you gift for those attending or to sell them in packages to help build your business.  Email Me for further information on how you can build a business using the many available products on this web site at home parties or office parties. Email Me for further information on how you can build your home party business using Hellocards, Hello Thoughts, bookmarks,  matted photography and other products on this web site.

The Hellocards, Hello Thoughts and bookmarks are fun to sell! :)  You will have many great pictures to show, the humorous ones will really liven up the party, and the poetry and "Thought and Smile for the Day" add a lot of interest.  The Hellocards, Hello Thoughts and bookmarks are prepackaged to make them easier to sell and for the hostess to make a higher profit.  They make excellent gift ideas because they are new and unique, and people are always interested in giving and receiving new products on the market.

When you give a home party you will be your own boss!  You will maintain your own business through a home distributorship.   You will be able to bring new demonstrators, maintain stock, and do bookkeeping on your own.  Hostesses can be stay-at-home moms, single or married working women and career professionals.  They can be from age 18 to 80 and share the dream of financial and time freedom and independent working.

If you are looking for part-time or full-time work distributing and selling Hellocards, Hello Thoughts or bookmarks and or photography to friends or relatives or contacting and or selling to retail stores in your neighborhood, Email Me.


Fine Art Photography and Poetry Booth


          Hellocard Greeting Card Spinner                                                     Sample Bookmark Holder for Business and Retail Sales


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Hello Thoughts

Poetry Book