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Any photo from this web site may be chosen for your calendar but it is recommended that a horizontal photo be chosen so it will fill the width of the calendar.

It makes a wonderful gift to start the New Year!

Calendars are available in two sizes:

    1.  8.5 by 11 inches (standard letter size)

    2. 11 by 17 inches

The photos Path to Serenity and Joyful Mums, are also as a Hellocard folded greeting card or Hellogram  (postcard).

The Path to Serenity

        by Diane Hein

The path to serenity can be uphill
Often it takes a very determined will.

There are no easy roads that are paved for us
Not something we ride like a solitude bus.

But many things can be found along the way
If we make solitude part of every day.

To walk in a garden or smell a flower
Can give solitude with its quiet power.

Red Rose Splendor

         By Diane Hein

A red rose speaks of beauty
      without one word.
Twelve red roses speak splendor
      in a concert.
A harmony of petals
Creating a symphony
Of love,
Romance and

On Joy

          by Diane Hein

It’s the little things that can bring us joy
Just ask a girl or boy with a new toy.
Smiles and giggles their faces light up
They eagerly drink from joy’s candied cup.
And also for adults, joy is still found
In friends, flowers, family, it’s around.
In the wind, the water or a wild wave
These all help capture the joy that we crave.

My Photography

Look around your home or work you have any empty walls?  If so, choose from any of the following categories and brighten and decorate your walls with framed photos or a lovely photo calendar!

Nature   Nature photography would be lovely in any room of your home/office and make wonderful gifts.
             To view just flowers click:  Flowers in Nature
             To view just nature photos including landscapes, wooded areas and sunsets click:   Nature only
             To view just animal photos click:  Animals in Nature

Still life and flower   My favorite subjects to photograph are fresh flowers either in glass vases or perfume bottles; my photos of still life are perfect for powder rooms, kitchens or bedrooms for a soft and beautiful touch to these rooms.

Humor/whimsy   I love humor and whimsy.  Included is a large selection of photos with a touch of humor, perfect for children's rooms or waiting rooms where it might be useful to warm up clients or patients before seeing them! ;-)   Sending humor via my Hellograms or Hellocards are perfect to brighten someone's day and let them know you are thinking of them.

Travel including nautical and classic cars   Photographs from areas around the world that I have visited and explored, the Grand Canyon being my favorite place to visit! I still have many photos to add to this page so check back frequently!

Holiday  A great way to fill your home or office during holiday times are with fun photos.  Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, and Halloween are available.  These photos are perfect for home or office parties to add more spirit!

How to Order

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