I Want To Be a Rubber Ball! by Diane Hein

          I want to be a rubber ball
            Which bounces way up into air
            So I’ll spring high one more time
            Despite the hardness of the road.
            I want to be a rubber ball
            That keeps on rolling very straight
            So I’ll continue far and long
            And travel with a forward song.

         Thought for the Day by Diane Hein

            Let’s teach our children resiliency
            so they can bounce back from adversity.

         Smile for the Day by Diane Hein

           I like things that bounce
           unless it’s my checkbook!  :)
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Below are other poems relating to this photo.

My Little Clown Garden  by Diane Hein

I have a little garden by my door
Tending to it is hardly a chore.

But instead wonderment from it I derive
Watching it grow makes me feel so alive.

The rich, dark potting soil I love to feel
While I plant delightful flowers and kneel.

Even the fresh, pungent mulch smells so good
The fragrance beings me back to my childhood.

Yes my new hobby brings me much pleasure
To make a happy heart, it's a great lure!

My Clown Garden by Diane Hein

My clown garden started with just one single rose
Tall and elegant she struck such a graceful pose.

Her petaled skirt filled with shades of pinks and yellow
This flowering lady needed a home to grow.

I learned her first name, and she was called Tiffany
And needing a friend I planted her by a tree.

My fragrant gal grew with daily water and care
With eight blossoming daughters during summer's air.

And little by little I added more flowers
To fill her sweet heart and mine for many hours.

I sprinkled in six smiling clowns with all of them
My garden complete making me a happy femme!

My Clown and Flower Garden by Diane Hein

My little clown garden is a gift to me
Colorful blooming bows are a must to see!

My living present smiles at me every morn
With ribbons of blossoms, I feel so reborn!

What better gift could I ever give myself
Than pretty home-grown flowers placed on my shelf.