A Present that Keeps Smiling by Diane Hein

       Let’s give ourselves this present
        To love ourselves every day.
        Forgive all the mistakes we make
        And be most proud of who we are.
        We must rebuild ourselves back up
        And show some kindness to our soul.
        We were born with many good gifts
        So let’s celebrate the person we are!

      Thought for the Day by Diane Hein

        I live in two homes, my body and my mind:
        both need upkeep to keep smiling.

      Smile for the Day by Diane Hein

        Definition of a treat:  heaven in the mouth,
        havoc on the hips!  :)
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Here is another poem.

Here's to Planting!  By Diane Hein

Plant a seed
    Watch it grow
Plant some love
    Watch it spread
Water your flowers
     Watch them blossom
Water your spirit
     Watch it bloom
We're all soulful gardens
     Needing nurture
For a bountiful harvest.