Let’s Dance! by Diane Hein

              Let’s dance to the metrical freedom of a song
              When notes are combined into feeling
              A distinct vibration
              To set our feet free.
              Let’s dance to the melodic sentiment of a song
              Its poetry intertwined in each verse
              A bit of philosophy
              To set our souls free.

              Thought for the Day by Diane Hein

              Dancing is not just physical movement,
              but also a way of communicating.

              Smile for the Day by Diane Hein

              If you can’t dance because of two left feet,
              just wiggle your booty!  :)

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Below is another poem relating to this photo.

Take Your Lady to a Ball!  by Diane Hein

Take your lady to a ball
Make her your queen above all!

Tell her how's she so pretty
She'll smile and be so flirty.

Dance with her into the night
She'll then hug you very tight.

But bring her flowers before it all
She'll then make you feel ten feet tall!