Take to the Road! by Diane Hein

        It’s fun to take to the road
        On a walk, bike or in a car
        To let yourself unfurl
        And let the wind flow through you
        And unwind a mental curl.
        Being on the road revives the spirit
        And lets freedom ride
        Deep in the soul.

      Thought for the Day by Diane Hein

        Weekend getaways and vacations are the perfect opportunity
        to take to the road.

       Smile for the Day by Diane Hein

        It’s never the end of the road…
         until we have a flat & don’t have a spare!  :)

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"Thanks to his gracious owner, I photographed, Jesse, this cute six week old puppy who was wearing his chic Harley hat.  By the way, did anyone see Jesse's Harley? !   ;-)"

Below is another poem relating to this photo.

To All Dog Lovers

         By Diane Hein

Shaggy or short-haired
Pug nose or long snout
Five pounds or fifty
Dogs are filled with love.

From wet noses
To wistful eyes
To wagging tails
Dogs are filled with love.

With their undying devotion
And happy woofs
And games of tag and fetch
Dogs fill their owners with love.