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Welcome to my hand-crafted jewelry.  As you see by the photos below, these charms are both charming and beautiful!   You may order any of my fine art photographs from my web site for your charm, choose a charm from below or one that you have already purchased or received.  The charms are made of my fine art photography, the images transferred onto highly polished wood with slightly rounded edges to give a professional look and then two glossy glazes are applied.    For custom-made charms with your photos click here Custom-made charms

A 3 mm sterling silver bail is added so that if you later want to add your own chain or ribbon, the opening is large enough so you can interchange them.  The charms and pendants are carefully packed in a lovely white, padded jewelry box for safe keeping or to give as a lovely gift.  

To order the charms, just click the "add to cart" button below and order one or more charms at $5.95 each.  Mix and match any charm with a silver-plated chain or metal key chain!  One day put a charm on your purse, another day wear it as a necklace, another day convert it into a bracelet and more!  The chains and closures come in the following sizes:  4 inch for purse or tote, 6 inch (wine bottle), 8 inch (bracelet) 9 inch (car mirror) 14 inch (young adult necklace) 16 inch (teen or adult necklace) 18 inch (adult necklace), key chain or zipper pull.

Below are some sample charms you can choose from, these are NOT a complete list!  If you have seen or have another charm of mine, just give the description, and I will make it for you or choose any photo from my web site

Now go ahead and charm yourself!

Row 1  Mountain sunset; Beach and palm tree; Trees and sunset; Beach chairs.


Row 2 Wine bottle and glass; Ice cream cone; Cupcake; Chocolate piece; Red lips; Red Shoe; Angel


Row 3 Princess crown; French ladies; Victorian ladies; Girl in garden; White egret; Butterfly; Horse


Row 4 Owl; Rooster; Puppy; White dog with bow; Jaguar, Cat with cute hat; Kitten with rosebud


Row 5 Orange poppies; Four leaf clover; Yellow daisy; White and blue daisies; Peach rose; Pink cherry blossoms; Orange mum

Row 6 Stained glass rose, White daisies, French vase with flowers, Yellow rose, Roses, pink and burgundy; Pinkish/lavender flowers; Orchid

Row 7 Red, white and blue rose; Orange/red tulip on black; Cherry blossoms on blue; Pink flower;
Daffodil; Iris; Pink Tulip



Boxed jewelry above: Pink heart with love; Cat with hat; Four leaf clover; Butterfly; Kitten with rosebud, Flowers with ribbon, Girl in garden, Stained glass rose; Red/orange roses; Bright pink daisies, (see small photo to the very right) Wine bottle and two glasses, Golden retriever, Bright pink daisies

$5.95 each charm.    Paypal, VISA, MC and other major credit cards accept on checkout.

NOTE!  If you have an older browser like Firefox, the order blank will not work!  So please send me your order via email, Email Me  and I will total everything up and you can mail a check for the amount OR I can send an invoice to your email address and you may pay directly from that.   OR update to Internet Explorer 8, and you will be able to order online immediately. 

When ordering below type in name of photo of EACH charm you want AND how many charms you want of EACH.  When you check out, BE SURE to add up the TOTAL AMOUNT of charms you are purchasing!  

(HERE IS A SAMPLE ORDER OF HOW TO ORDER CHARMS WHERE YOU SIMPLY TYPE IN THE NAME OF THE CHARM AND HOW MANY YOU WANT TO PURCHASE:  3 golden retriever, 1 cat with hat, 1 Victorian ladies, 2 cat with hat, 1 red lips)

    Use this "add to cart" button for naming the charms you wish to order. 



4 inch jewelry chain, silver plated.  For tote bag, purse handle, shoe, pet tag.    Figaro style  $1.95 each


6 inch jewelry chain, silver plated, for wine bottle,    Figaro style   $2.95 each


8 inch jewelry chain for a bracelet, silver plated.  $3.95 each  (thicker than necklace chain)


9 inch jewelry chain for car rear view mirror, silver plated    Figaro style  $3.25 each


14 inch jewelry chain for young child, silver plated.    Figaro style   $3.50 each


16 inch jewelry chain for teen, young adult or adult, silver plated      Figaro style  $3.75 each


18 inch jewelry chain for adult, silver plated      Figaro style  $3.95 each


Key chain, metal  $1.95 each


Zipper pull  $0.95 each


On checkout be sure to give the TOTAL amount of charms ordered!  For example, if you have ordered 2 charms, type 2 charms in. If you have ordered 10 charms of a variety of different photos, then type in 10 charms so the processing will compute 10 charms x $5.95 for your final price of ALL charms.  Thank you!


CUSTOM-MADE CHARMS:  Put your child, grandchild, dog, cat, bird, name, initial or vacation photo etc. on custom-made jewelry!


                     Actual size of each charm:    3/4 of an inch x 1 inch                    

After I receive your order, I will confirm it, and then you can send me your photo (jpg format only) and I will put it on your charm.  I'll send you a proof before I put in on your charm. Chains are sold separately.   (Please note, I do not accept photos in U.S. mail, only your jpg's through email.  Please send small jpgs, about the size of a 3 x 4 inch photo otherwise I may not receive it!) 

 $12.95 each


Photography         Poetry      Hellocards...Send a real greeting card today!       Hello Thoughts...Unique Stand Up Magnets...Mail One Today!    

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