To All Fishermen and Fisherwomen!    By Diane Hein     (the word "fisherman" and "he" is used below for brevity)

The heart of a fisherman is to throw his line
To catch a prize fish well, that would be more than fine!

The weekends are his private getaway to fish
Whether just for sport or to catch a dinner's dish.

Many things to pack:  lures, lines, sinkers, rods and reels
Whether fishing on land, rowboats or on ships with wheels.

So to all fishermen, I wish the best to you
Because the lure of the fish runs so deep and true.

Thought of the Day by Diane Hein

A true fisherman must first fish for patience.

Smile of the Day by Diane Hein

Fishing lures the heart, catches the soul and hooks the wallet!  :)

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