In Memoriam Ed Jameson by Diane Hein

          The British MG TA
          Still cruises on our roads
          And in our hearts.

          Ed no longer cruises the roads
          But he always rides with love
          In my heart.


The Last Months of Ed Lee Jameson, 2010

By Diane Hein, his wife  (lifetime partners for 34 years)

December 15, 2010

Today begins a new life for me
One that I did not foresee.

When months of caring for my husband
Came to a final close this week.

Ed’s time on earth was way too short
Although his will to live so long.

Up to the end he fought so hard
To walk, to talk to me again.

His benign brain tumor was removed
But the postop course had its downs.

Pneumonia and sepsis set in
Antibiotics were prescribed.

Ed became stable but still weak
Rehab helped him a little bit.

But five lung infections occurred
Setting Ed back more and more.

Incorrect meds were given
Which sadly hastened Ed’s demise.

Let it be known here and today
That my hero Ed loved me so.


The Life of Edward Lee Jameson

May 31, 1945 to December 8, 2010—Age 65

    By Diane Hein, Ed's wife  (together for 33 years)

Who was Edward Lee Jameson but full of wit and fun
Yet serious and analytical right to the end.

A strong-willed man who stood up for whatever he believed
He worked hard for his convictions, always taking a stand.

He joined the United States Air Force to serve his country
And Save The Biltmore V.P. to save the Belleview Biltmore.

For his career he worked with computers for many years
An accomplished systems analyst his last year of work.

Ed had a loving, six-year older brother, who is named George
And his wife Faith, and their two children, Ed’s nephews, Mark and Mike.

A green, perky pet named Pete was Ed’s big beaked feathered friend,
Who fluffed his head, then turned his neck sideways for Ed to scratch!

Ed traveled all over the world, a real passion of his
He longed to see more on retiring, but his plans cut short.

A great conversationalist with anyone at hand
He could discuss politics or any fine gourmet meal.

With interests of MG cars, antiques and history
He also loved science fiction, fitness, and cameras.

Ed developed a special rapport with two of our friends
Talking with our wonderful neighbors Franco and Louis.

Ed’s strong will to live persisted right to the very end
Always fighting to live his best life for 65 years.

A caring man to me his partner for 33 years
Affectionate and giving, never ending was his love.




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