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The first entry is a poem I wrote on the NBC The Today show wedding of Nikki and Buddy, a couple whose entire wedding was planned by viewers!  The wedding took place in Anguilla, the West Indies.  Their photos are at:  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5278792/  

Of course I sent the poem to The Today show!

A NBC Today Show Wedding!

    By Diane Hein
     November 19, 2004

A NBC wedding went so very well
Hours of planning and voting to hear love's bell.

Nikki and Buddy on Today tied the knot
In Anguilla, a place show's viewers had sought.

Katie, Matt and Al joined them with Addison
A marriage now filled with so much love and fun!

The following poem is based on the book by Debbie Ford "The Dark Side of the Light Chasers" in which she discussed how we can use and embrace our "dark shadowy side" or our "negative side" to build self esteem and to feel good about ourselves.

Embracing Our Shadows

        By Diane Hein
        June 20, 2003

Our shadows dance with us, never far away
Even at midnight long past the bright of day.

Shadows could be our demise if we let them
But rather take firm hold of them at their stem.

Use them wisely, your "dark side" is a big plus
All your shadows have merit to discuss.

See and love yourself well for all who you are.
Weave each part of you into a brilliant star!

On Valentine's Day

    By Diane Hein
    February 14, 2004

Kisses, caresses and hugs
Multiplying today
Dinners bought
Candles lit
Chocolate given
Red hearts everywhere!
I treasure romance today
And every day!

Celebrating Love

    By Diane Hein
    February 14, 2004

Valentine's Day and Christmas
The two days of celebrating love
When card sales soar
Gifts are given
And hearts are more aglow.
These forty-eight hours go too fast
But I'll cherish these holidays anyway
Until the glorious time
When each day more love is found.

What Is Love?

    By Diane Hein
    February 14, 2004

What is love we all ask
A feeling?
A sentiment?
An emotion?
A verb?
A noun?
An adjective?
Definitions are not possible
For how do you define God?

On Love

    By Diane Hein
    February 14, 2004

Duty calls us
Beckoning us to love
Caring souls we are
Born to cherish another's heart.
And in that loving
We seek to be loved
And accepted.

Haiku (theme is love)  By Diane Hein (17 syllables or less in 3 to 4 lines each)

Love is a short word
But it always speaks
At length.


The heart that loves
Speaks volumes
Without one word.


Love is like fog
Blinding us
To our differences.


Let me sing love songs
Even when
Love has gone away.


Love is a game
Two people
Winning at monopoly!


Love is blind
But I am always
Open to seeing it.


Love me hard
Love me well
Love me long.


Love overlooks
The imperfections
I try to hide.


I'm open
To learning foreign languages
Like love.


Love accepts all
Even when
The toilet seat is up!


From sunrise to sunset,
Love sets
Two hearts aglow.


Love accepts all
Even when the other
Has too many clothes!


Take Your Lady...

    By Diane Hein
     February 5, 2004

Take your lady to a ball
Make her your queen above all!

Tell her how's she so pretty
She'll smile and be so flirty.

Dance with her into the night
She'll then hug you very tight.

But bring her flowers before it all
She'll then make you feel ten feet tall!

Haiku By Diane Hein  17 syllables or less in 3 to 4 lines

Puppies love to lick
Cats love to purr
People love to kiss!
I know women are equal
To all men
My mother told me so!
Grandmas and Grandpas
We love them
They love us more!
Birds flying high
Kiss heaven on the wing
God's always in our sight.
Live on the edge
Every once in awhile
There's still a ledge to hold on!
Clothes, clothes, clothes
My closet full of clothes
And still nothing to wear!

Reach Out

    By Diane Hein
     February 5, 2004

Reach out your arms
Let them catch what is good
Reach out your arms
Let them stretch into the future
But most of all
Reach out your arms
And let them hold a weary soul.

The Poet in Me

    By Diane Hein
    February 5, 2004

I don't have to be Shakespeare
To write a lovely poem
But on his and others works
I shall be inspired
And that my friend
Is the heart of a poet.

The Fragrance

    By Diane Hein
    February 5, 2004

The fragrance of cut grass
Nature's green and lush perfume
Takes me back to childhood years.
I remember my dad in the yard
Trimming, cutting, mowing
Sweet was the air
Fragrant were those times.

Nature's Awakening

    By Diane Hein
    February 5, 2004

There is that touch of magic in cool, crisp air
The way it titillates my face with such flair.

It wakes my senses so I'm so much more alert
Life becomes my mate to which I want to flirt!

I breath in all of its energetic thrills
Invigorated now I'll climb today's hills!

My Melody

    By Diane Hein
    February 5, 2004

I love it when the tranquil winds blow
Not from the blue sky but in my heart
Where my life is calm and I'm aglow
And peace rings gently in each part.

Then this strong sense of ease and delight
Lifts my spirit high up to the skies
And again I'm in love morn until night
Where the melody of well being flies.

A Lady's Hips...

    By Diane Hein
     February 5, 2004

A lady's hips are meant to tease
Yes for men they certainly do please!

A lady's bosom is for show
The opposite sex has a glow!

A lady's face can launch a ship
Or be the start of a courtship!

On Music

    By Diane Hein
    February 5, 2004

Let the music sound
Classical, jazz, rock and roll
Whatever the beat.
Songs and melodies
But most of all
Music set us free.

What Goes...

    By Diane Hein
     February 5, 2004

What goes forward
But then falls back
Ah...lovers' kisses
Lovers' spats!
Love's push-pull cycle
When two people walk together.

Scatter Your Love

    By Diane Hein
    February 5, 2004

Scatter your love far and then wide
Never ever keep it inside.

Let it fall on those who pass by
And especially those who are shy.

Hearts will open, joy will ensue
Both they and you will feel anew.

Pride, Dignity and Loyalty

    By Diane Hein
    February 5, 2003

Come my way beautiful sailing ship
Proud you are with your masts and riggings
You stand for so more than just strength
But for dignity and loyalty.
So I'll stand here and watch you float by
Then with the power you left in me
I"l man my own ship and be prepared
To conquer my day and sail all night!

Our Bond

    By Diane Hein
    December 4, 2003

I only speak my truth
Don't we all
My reality so different from yours.
Images bright and clear to me
Perhaps dull to you.
And vice versa.
Yet we interact and relate
Because we know how
To look past the differences.

Little and Big Signs

    By Diane Hein
    December 4, 2003

Poinsettias in bloom
Evergreen trees in town
Santa Claus everywhere
Eggnog filling tummies
Nativities set out
Red and green galore
Bows and ribbons flying
Love felt and shared
The magic of Christmas unfolds.

It's That Time of Year!

    By Diane Hein
    December 4, 2003

With rosy red cheeks, Santa Claus is here
Bringing toys and his famous eight reindeer.

Children climb onto his warm, cozy lap
Whispering secrets to this famous chap!

Promises given to each little tot
In return to be good no matter what!

But it's a holiday for any age
One in which each of us can all engage!

One Glorious Day

    By Diane Hein
    December 4, 2003

The air was like silk
Smooth and delicate
Suspended lightly between two trees.
Exquisite was the breeze
Tiptoeing across my face
Its courtesy soothing my soul.

A Single Woman's Mission!

        By Diane Hein
            October 29, 2002

Pretty, pert and poised
A lady in motion
Classy and crisp.
A true Venetian
She's well sewn in every seam!
Wanting her man from Mars
How natural are her charms!
Sweetness is her style
Flirty and precocious is her smile
Getting a Saturday date is on her mind!


First Year Anniversary

            By Diane Hein
            September 26, 2009

Last year Cherie and Shiela tied the knot
Up north, a loving location they sought.

Their fall October wedding went so well
Hours of planning to hear love's silent bell.

A year later they’re still touched by the sun
A marriage filled with so much love and fun.



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