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Climbing Roses

    By Diane Hein
      September 25, 2003

In my yard among the climbing red roses I once sat
In summer's eve, my mother and I would relax and chat.

She calmed and eased many of my childhood fears and tears
Oh how I cherished and loved her those wonderful years.

And now Stacy and my niece Cherie have a little daughter too
And by those transplanted roses they too will rendezvous.

It's Always Something!

    By Diane Hein
      September 25, 2003

It's always something to set off the day
Little quirks that splash up our way.
Causing spills to our perfect cup
Keys that are lost
Terse store clerks
Flat tires at 7 a.m. on the way to work!
Oh the tiny buzzes
That riot our brains
These mundane events
That add drama to the day!

My Little Clown Garden

    By Diane Hein
     September 25, 2003

I have a little garden by my door
Tending to it is hardly a chore.

But instead wonderment from it I derive
Watching it grow makes me feel so alive.

The rich, dark potting soil I love to feel
While I plant delightful flowers and kneel.

Even the fresh, pungent mulch smells so good
The fragrance beings me back to my childhood.

Yes my new hobby brings me much pleasure
To make a happy heart, it's a great lure!

To All My Friends and Penpals

    By Diane Hein
    September 25, 2003

My wonderful foliage of friends
Whether penpals or face to face
You all create such a forest of joy
With your limbs outstretched
to catch me when I fall
Or your emails and smiles to bring cheer.
I thank each and everyone of you
For always being there :)

Comment:  Is poetry the extension of the one liner or is the one liner a short poem?

Haiku by Diane Hein  17 syllables or less in 3 to 4 lines

Sex and stars
Their common bond
Of brightening the night!


Dark might be our past
But every dawn
Carries new light.


Romance yourself
For self love
Is a great joy.


Life is a ride
Through tunnels and hills
Gas up for the distance!

Man is not born to live alone
Solitaire is for
A deck of cards.


Happiness in the mind
Loving in the heart
Peace in the soul.


Flowers bought by grown boys
Turns women
Into happy little girls!

Carry On!

    By Diane Hein
      September 25, 2003

Stand strong, stand tall
Learn not to fall.

With each big wave
Brace and be brave.

Be of stout stock
A solid rock.

You are robust
In yourself trust!

The Braid of Life

    By Diane Hein
      September 25, 2003

Life can be a bit of a braid
So many interweaving into one long tail.
We carry it through the years
Often dragging it along
Othertimes it's an adornment
Where we add pretty ribbons
And decorate each day.

Remembering Flora

    By Diane Hein
      September 25, 2003

What stories shall I tell today
Should they all be bright and gay?
And about what good has come my way?

Or should I tell you
About the widow, Flora, I once knew
Who spent beyond her means
And in her shell she withdrew?

I believe both stories must be told
So we'll offer acts of kindness
Which are pure gold.

Her Bike Ride

    By Diane Hein
     September 25, 2003

She takes to her bike everyday
To peddle all her cares away.

Passing by greenery and trees
She loves the flowers with their bees.

Riding up and down many hills
Gives her new sights often thrills

Her overloaded mind soon clears
As she's filled with wonderful cheers.

Oh let's all ride our bike today
We will smile more and be gay!

The Romantic Gardener

    By Diane Hein
      September 25, 2003

He's a romantic gardener
Tending to his mate
Brings her flowers for no reason
In any season.
He knows tenderness is sun for her soul
And kindness waters her heart.
Yes he's a romantic gardener
And she's the beautiful flower
He'll get to pick and keep.


       By Diane Hein
       September 25, 2003

The days that are no more
Yet memories still pour

Warm smiles they once exchanged
But now they're so estranged.

Laughter was their common goal
Bonding them to one soul.

Nights of passion o'er now
Broken is their love's vow.

Time will pass and they'll heal.
Then dating will appeal.

Our Dreams

    By Diane Hein
     September 25, 2003

What hidden meanings do you hide
What must my mind sort out
Your images once so bright
Now play hide 'n seek in day's clouds
The mystery of our lives
Unlocked in our nightly dreams
These wonderful short stories
Makes unpublished authors of us all!

The Magic of Our Dreams

    By Diane Hein
     September 25, 2003

Oh fond dream
You sneak away
At first so crisp
So real
Then like a tide you're swept out to sea.
You're but a memory now
Leaving few clues in your wake.
So I'm left to decipher them
To dig deep and understand
And figure them all out
Before the sun sets tonight.

Saying Good-Bye

    By Diane Hein
    September 25, 2003

Yes we have drifted apart
Not my choice but yours
Friends we once were
Strangers now it seems
Once we chatted endlessly
Today hardly at all.
Silence to me is not golden.
I don't like this dark.
But for the reasons you're gone
They'll always be in in your heart
So rather than delve too deep
It's time for us to part.

Bless The Little Ones

    By Diane Hein
    September 25, 2003

Fearless they are
Hands everywhere
Giggles and smiles too
Exploring the world unafraid
Curiosity everywhere!
Oh little ones
Please, Please
Teach us a lesson
One we forgot long ago
To reach out with passion
And determination
And go after what we want!

To Learn a New Song

    By Diane Hein
    September 25, 2003

Our minds can be heaven or hell
Making life a joy
Or one we want to escape.
The time we spend in anger or grief
Those days are not a song
Best to learn new tunes
To brighten our lives
Of acceptance
And learning to forgive
A life that is easier to live.

Designing a Good Life

    By Diane Hein
    September 25, 2003

Life can be a designer gown or a fitted suit
Yes the costs can be high
But a tailored living is well worth the price.
Hours we have to toil
Cutting the pattern exactly
Sewing all the edges evenly
Correcting our mistakes
And dealing with the mistakes of others.
Scissors need to be resharpened
A strong thread for repairs
Zippers need renewal.
But years later
We still can wear our Sunday best
For what is well made
Stands the test of time.

Who's the Tiger?

    By Diane Hein
    September 25, 2003

The tiger walks
The tiger stalks
The tiger rules.
It's his domain
And as I watch him
Standing so fierce and tall
I'm still humbled by him
And yet I can feel my own power.

We Become A Precious Jewel

    By Diane Hein
      September 25, 2003

We become a precious jewel
The older we become
The rock that had so many crevices
Now becomes a polished stone.
The spins and turns of the years
The challenges we rolled through
The people who tumbled our lives
Leaves us stronger
Than any diamond mined.


    By Diane Hein
      September 25, 2003

Pitter patter
Little footsteps
We jog through our day
Sometimes fast
Sometimes slow
Sometimes heavy footed
Sometimes light on our toe.
What do we want
From our day?
Let's expect good things to happen
The key to positive thinking
And a happier day!

And The Winner Is...

    By Diane Hein
      September 25, 2003

We ran the race
Each trying to win
But we spun out of control
Until the game was over.
And then what we lost
Was the heart of each other.

Oh Your Sweet Kiss

    By Diane Hein
    September 25, 2003

Oh the sweetest most charming kiss last night
Tender, soft and unexpected
From the mist you came into my sight
Tiptoeing silently right by my bed.
Love's arrow carried in by evening wing
While stars sparkled in heaven's air
Your earthly presence such a wondrous ring
With arms encircling me showing your care.
Poetry we both wrote in the deep dark
Bodies entwined into a melody
Magic created by our lovers spark
All in my dream last night!

My Little Book of Favorite Poems from 1913

    By Diane Hein
      September 25, 2003

Little book I have used you so well
Like a close friend you make my heart swell

A Victorian gal on the front
Dressed for tea or a manhunt!

Sacred poems are between your pages
Passed down through the many ages.

I've come to rely on your often
To inspire and move my morning pen.

Yes your cover is now worn and old
But within you are stories of pure gold.

Do You Know One?

    By Diane Hein
      September 25, 2003

Kinder, gentler spirits
We all want to know them.
The ones who love us so unconditionally
Yes the beautiful souls who listen to our hearts
Then they smile bright and keep
Encouraging us on.
Very few judgments do they ever make on us
Oh how precious, dear and few
There rare people are!

The Flavor Of Hope

    By Diane Hein
      September 25, 2003

Hope tastes good
Sweet like candy
Smooth like pudding
And in that sweetness
There's the spice of joy.
Yes hope tastes good
A certain meatiness
To sink one's teeth in and enjoy
And like salt it flavors the day.
Yet hope is calorie free
And you can savor it all day long
So your spirit is always filled.

Making Rainbows

    By Diane Hein
      September 25, 2003

Happiness is like a rainbow
Shining brightly down
When it will arrive at our doorstep
No one knows.
Often after clouds of rain
The colors will dazzle the sky
Lifting spirits for the hour
Showing us God's power.
But rainbows, we can make our own
A smile
A hug
A laugh
A gift
A thank you
So one of these will color the day
To bring rainbows of happiness
To those we know.

My Favorite Place!

    By Diane Hein
    September 25, 2003

Travels I have gone afar
Earth has many a bright star.

I've seen the Eiffel Tower
Both its presence and power.

I have admired Big Ben
Would love to see him again!

Beauty in the Vatican
Michelangelo what a man!

The Scottish Highlands were grand
Castles too on the mainland.

Belgium with its charm and lace
And Bruges such a quaint place.

The huge Alps in Switzerland
Power formed by God's hand.

Mexico lively and gay
My cousin lives there today.

Germany and Austria
Filled me with much ohm pah pah!

Norway, Sweden love them too
Would go again and review!

Disney World was so much fun
Even in August's hot sun!

But for me there is one place
That is really the true ace.

That's the wondrous Grand Canyon
My heart always there is drawn.

My Daily Destiny

    By Diane Hein
    January 18, 2003

My days are very full and my heart is bright
Always keeping the important in sight.

While this earth is not my eternity
Still it's my job to love that is the key.

To keep hope open like a fresh flower
That's my wondrous creation for this hour.

I'll trust myself in the things I do
Handling challenges in any venue.

The Stars of the Grand Canyon

    By Diane Hein
     January 16, 2003

The impulse of the stars sets me on fire
It takes me far above all daily mire.

Their sparkle, their glow, their joy, their twinkling
Single fireworks to the skies they bring.

Magic whirls brightly way beyond midnight
It's all the grandeur of God's divine light.

His Visionary Feast!

    By Diane Hein
    January 16, 2003

She caught his eye
Flowing in grace she danced by.
His passions swirling like a dust storm
Was he doomed to her charms?
The arithmetic of lust
Keeps adding up
Impervious to all reason!

To Elena, my little grand niece

    By Great Aunt Diane
     January 19, 2003

Little Elena with your baby eyes
You're lighting up the Carolina skies.

Two caring parents will give you much love
So your wee heart will take wing like a dove.

The college of the future waits for you
To study, learn and interpret anew.

Just roll, turn and flow with the wheel of life
And you will learn to handle your strife.

So baby Elena while you sleep
Your Great Aunt Diane loves you so deep.

The Four Seasons

    By Diane Hein
      November 15, 2002

Balding boughs a sign of winter
Leaves excised by the wind.
Fall no longer immortal
Spring and summer far removed.
Mother Nature is on the move!
Her four link weather chain
Completes its yearly cycle
With never ending passion!

After His Divorce

    By Diane Hein
    November 15, 2002

He left.
Into the abyss of life.
A man on the move
With no warning at all.
Joy has run out
And so he must run too.
Seeking seclusion at first
A hole that will hold him
Swallow him
Protect him from himself
Until his emotional baldness
Buries itself
So he can reclaim his life
And start over.

In Honor of Their Love

    By Diane Hein
     December 21, 2002

Kisses cultivating bushes of roses
Hugs growing sun-filled daisies
Love raising years of fruit-filled fields.
Theirs is a love forever
Fifty years a celebration
A romantic partnership.
Love at first sight
A garden can be planted with just one glance.

Elderly Concerns

    By Diane Hein
     November 18, 2002

It's Senior Citizen Monday
Four men, two women,
A round table discussion
Over their McDonald's coffee
Discussing not Iraq
Or 9/11.
But of Vitamin E and Prilosec
Longevity and well being
Override worldly concerns.

The Healing

    By Diane Hein
     November 18, 2003

The trees are almighty
The snow-capped mountains dazzling
Starry solitude in wandering wind
Nature's song brings me joy
Climbing clouds bring me peace
These gifts of life heal my soul.

The Poet in Me

    By Diane Hein
    November 18, 2002

A clear-blue sky
The sun brightly shining
An elderly lady with a rain bonnet!
Is she crazy
Or just covering
A well-coiffed hair do?
I invade people's lives
And not one word do I speak
I just observe
And write, and write and write.

The Changing World

    By Diane Hein
    November 22, 2002

The world has changed
Love seems less and less
Thankfulness appears a lost art
Religion often an afterthought
But if we stick to our ideals
The earth will keep spinning
And good will overcome evil.

The Anti-Aging Secret

    By Diane Hein
    November 20, 2002

A youthful heart is merry
A middle-aged heart is never idle
An aging heart which loves
Stays forever young.

Our Rule Books

    By Diane Hein
      November 22, 2002

Life is under no expectation
To give us what we want
Or take us where we want to go.
Our private rule books
Typed up in perfect black.
Fools we are to live by them
Smart we are to expect the unexpected
And learn to survive.

Friendship Gardens

    By Diane Hein
    January 9, 2002

You’re a complex person
Like peeling an onion
Layers upon layers revealed.
Paths you’ve taken
And roads you want to cross.
An inspiration you are
Creating a beautiful meadow
In the landscape of my life. :)

The Gourmet Life

    By Diane Hein
    January 9, 2003

Each hour has a flavor
A meal in itself.
Will it be spicy or sweet
And shall we savor its tang?
The art of gourmet living
Bite by bite
We must learn to value each course!

Youthful Preservation!

   By Diane Hein
      November 8, 2002

I want to keep my child-like innocence
Its trust
Its faith
Its hope
These are most precious jewels
Found in no earthly cave.
I’ll seek them everyday
From the depths of my soul
And mine them so carefully.
It may take some dynamite
And many a trusted shovel,
With long days and nights ahead,
But their excavation is my goal!

Life Has Its Order!!!

    By Diane Hein
     November 9, 2002

We have our favorite seats
The ones we love the most.
Hers on the side
Mine in the corner.
Across the distance
We nod hello and smile.
Then our croissants
Become our focus
And down to business we go!!!

The poem below was based on a Native American saying I read

To My Niece and Nephew :)

    By Diane Hein
      November 12, 2003

Yes I will be gone some day
As time shall steal me away
But I’ll leave a special gift to you
The best present I could give.
It won’t be wrapped in ribbon
Or have a big red bow.
But I’ll bequeath my love to you
And you shall always feel its glow.

I Need a Camera!

    By Diane Hein
     August, 1998

A telescopic camera
Is what I need
To carry with me
Throughout the day
And even the night.
So with just one touch
Of a little knob
No matter where I am
Or what happens to me
I can zoom in
And still focus

New Beginnings

        By Diane Hein
          August 18, 2002

It's time to move on.
Yesterday's hallways I shall leave.
I hear their music
But new rhythms bounce in me
And they pull me forward.
My eyes have dried
And the rains have helped me bloom
I'm growing in a new garden of dreams.

Seeking Refuge

        By Diane Hein
           August 16, 2002

I need to go
I'm dissembled.
Torn in pieces
Much time in chains.

I'll seek refuge
In evening skies
To catch the winds
They're my retreat.

Sunset purples
Soothe my soul,
Beauty is love
From God above.

The Fountain Of Love

      By Diane Hein
        August 16, 2002

Heavenly singing angels are the birds
Bounteous lands created by God
The Holy Spirit speaks in the wind
Jesus forgiving my sins.
My days are clothed in love.

Florida Serenity

       By Diane Hein
        August 5, 2002

Peace wanders in this mellow morn,
And with its silence
I take wing through luscious lemon air
I become the grateful butterfly
Who floats through time
Sampling sweet nectar from the blooms.
I will pluck their essence,
And when full, I'll drift until dawn
Blessed with the beauty of serenity
I took the time to find.

And here are some lighter nutritional/fitness poems;  Maybe some day I will be known as
The Health Poet!  ;-)


    By Diane Hein
            August 29, 2002

Magnesium every morning
It's the energy mineral.
So take magnesium citrate
Per Dr. Carrow!
But only one ounce by mouth
And NOT the whole bottle
Otherwise at the other end
Too much will flow!!

My Health Call!!

    By Diane Hein
    August 28, 2002

My treadmill is off
Yet it calls to me!!
"Run for your life" it yells at me
For time is running out!!

So now is the time
I'll don my red shorts
And while watching TV
Jog to my heart's content! :)

Take Your Probiotics!

        By Diane Hein
          August 28, 2002

Probiotics are a must
To prevent intestinal rust!

They are always the "good guys"
For health they're great buys!

They'll help acidify
And keep down the alkali!

So take acidophilus
You'll be well without much fuss!

A Winning Pair!

         By Diane Hein
            August 29, 2002

A little dab of Omega Nutrition's
Essential Balance oil
On top of dark green leafies
Chock full of minerals
Filled with vitality.
Eat regularly
So you'll be alkaline
And stay on the go!

The Cruciferous Veggies

        By Diane Hein
        August 29, 2002

Cabbage, broccoli
Brussels sprouts, cauliflower,
Chard, kale, mustard greens,
Rutabagas and turnips.
Veggies that are medicines
But sometimes cause gas!
But eat them often
Because with indole
A phytochemical
And a name like cruciferous,
Cancer won't stand a single chance!


    By Diane Hein
            September 9, 2002

To see the glass half full
Wisdom through the ages
Sweet is its message
Through day and night time air.
With 9/11 in our hearts
We search for answers still.
But we must keep one single truth:
To keep strong
No matter what.

9/11/01  Needing New Choices

        By Diane Hein
           September 9, 2002

Our tears have dried
One nation reunited
Firm is our cause
For 9/11 to happen only once.
Solutions were to kill.
But I ask for future generations
How can we find other answers and
How can we teach the world to
"Love thy neighbor as thyself?"

Up Up and Away!

    By Diane Hein
    Oct 3, 2002

Let's not piddle the day away
Out of bed we must no longer lay!

Up and at 'em the day is nigh
Let's have our breakfast to get us high!

Hours are ticking and the sun is rising
Opportunities are here, let's take wing!

Bundles of Joy

    By Diane Hein
    October 11, 2002

Laughing, giggling, smiling
A two year old chuckling in her seat.
Her light heart so full of joy humbles me.

A Clearwater Sunset

    By Diane Hein
      September 10, 2002

Twilight performs its magic of gold, pinks and blues
An orchestra with many harmonious hues.

Nature's violin laps against the sandy shore
While overhead white seagulls fly, glide and then soar.

The setting sun creates a silent eloquence
Of both divine majesty and soft ambience.

On Overcoming Poet's Block (meaning on writer's block!)

    By Diane Hein
    October 7, 2002

My brain's in reverse
This is such a curse!

Waiting for a thought
It feels like a drought!

What will jog my mind
This is so unkind!

Patience is not the key
I can't let this be!

So books I will read
Ideas they'll feed!

Morning Decisions

    By Diane Hein
      October 25, 2002

The sun opens her lids above the clouds
And smiles down with friendly eyes.

A sparrow sings at my door
It's morning and a beauteous time.

Dew sprinkles its jewels on my lawn
And fragrant air brings me tranquility.

The day is mine I own it now
To enjoy my hours the decision is mine.

Child Rearing Per Dr. Phil!

    By Diane Hein
    October, 2002

Spare the rod and spoil the child
So the saying goes!
But put the kids in a corner
Take away their toys
And rebellion shrinks out of sight!

On Acting

    By Diane Hein
      October 10, 2002

We're all actors in some small way
Hams that we are
Embellishing a story to get a laugh
Twist the truth to build self esteem.
The only difference is
We're not paid one million dollars per episode!


    By Diane Hein
      October 21, 2002

Way in the corner he's tucked from her
Perpetual distance between them loses its appeal.
Time whithers in his hand
And days steal away in morning dew.
Weekly she appears and then disappears
While he's still sitting there
Staying tranced in his fantasy!

I saw this at my favorite breakfast place:

A Conspiracy!!??

    By Diane Hein
      October 10, 2002

Young male teens in crisp, white shirts
But dirt on their shoes!
Seems they're trying hard
To look all grownup
Or maybe impress the high school girls!
Either could be true
But just perhaps for one day
Their mothers wanted
To hide their T-shirts away ;-)

Missing Her

    By Diane Hein
    October 22, 2002

He still misses her so
Months have passed
He can't seem to let her go.
Time has softened her memory
Yet she's always there.
Her face in his mind a distant vision now.
But a soft spot for her will always be there.
Because no matter how the years pass by
For her, he will always care and sigh.


    By Diane Hein
     October 10, 2002

I saw a pretty flower
In a very big bouquet
A scent to lighten the hour
And certainly my long day.

So oft I go to smell it
Its petals so scarlet red
Seems it's such a perfect fit
But it's silk and very dead!!!

The Wait

    By Diane Hein
    October 11, 2002

Under a large, shady tree
A man waits in the glen for his love.
With forget-me-nots in one hand
He longs for her sweet kisses.

Love like an ornament
Spins round and round and round.
It's kept alive with fantasy
Holding on through all eternity.

Time Going By

    By Diane Hein
      October 12, 2002

Shadows of youth now gone
Days getting shorter on earth's shore
I count the years ahead
They are more numbered than before.

The illustrious lamp of life
Burns much brighter now
It lights my way even more
And gratitude embraces me!

The Rubber Band Man!!

        By Diane Hein
          January 16, 2003

I don't need a rubber band
Those men are all o'er the land!

Their hurts have been piled so high
Seems that they have reached the sky!

They bounce quickly up towards me
Then spring away with knock knee!

I need a man who's ready
To have fun and go steady!

Come With Me!

        By Diane Hein
        January 16, 2003

Take my hand and hold me
Please kiss me once or twice
My heart will drift to sea
I'll be in paradise.

Through this whirlpool of life
You shall bring me much rhyme
Smooth rivers calming strife
Coupled, we'll pass through time.


        By Diane Hein
        January 13, 2003

Your voice has a special bloom
Opened by the morning sun
Peeking through the window.
The light warming your lips
Kindling the passion within
Taking me into the expanse
Of a reflective universe,
Hidden until I met you.

A 7 A.M. Happening!

        By Diane Hein
         January 13, 2003

The sky shifts its weight
Pushing clouds to the left
Blueness hurries in
A morning parade of light!
It gallops to the finish line
A morning event
Grand in style
Inspiring me...
To be on the move!

Digging Gold!

        By Diane Hein
        January 4, 2003

Some gold I wish to dig
No not the kind in the earth
But of golden sunsets that light the sky,
In them I'll find true wealth.
They'll bring me peace, joy and love
These are assets I shall bank
And my heart will grow in riches
To give and never want a penny back!

A Sunny Christmas Eve in the City

        By Diane Hein
        December 24, 2003

It was sunny in the city
Smiling windows glistened with glee.

Tall buildings soaked up the bright light
While red bricks danced with much delight.

The nine to five crowd walked in stride
But with an extra light glide.

Shoppers stuffed with their Christmas cash
To make a final shopping dash!

Treasuring The Hours

        By Diane Hein
           January 14, 2003

Each hour of the day has so much music
Even when times become so very thick.

They're opportunities to solve our woes
And how to get along with our foes.

Even when times start to lose their dimmer
Let's keep and hold our bright, pearly glimmer.

I'm Bottled Up!!!

    By Diane Hein
           January 10, 2003

Bottles, bottles, beautiful bottles!
Once filled with perfume
Now fill my living room!
Old or new, tall or short
Red, green, orange and blue
The colors of a rainbow.
They're captured forever in glass
And now in my heart. :)

Holding On!

        By Diane Hein
        January 10, 2003

I have peace now
Alpha waves under an apple tree
Cool green grass tickling me.
The hour must be picked now
Savored, tasted
So when life's caravan starts again
The impossible shall become possible!

Pass it On!

        By Diane Hein
           January 14, 2003

Love is passed down
From generation to generation
Sprinkling warmth and joy upon the children
Sons and daughters
Nieces and nephews
Unconditional affection
With no end
Seeking no gain.

Winter Wonders

        By Diane Hein
        January 16, 2003

The cool winter breeze smiles in
Sparkling, crisp and pure,
Like a gold chain
Its 24-karat brilliance circles me.
My autumn eyes melt away
The air very crystal clear
I see the world so differently!
The magic of this season
It has no bounds,
Invigorated now
I feel courageous
Able to conquer all!

Forever in Time

        By Diane Hein
        January 16, 2003

Over and over again
Other nights are discarded
Tossed into the midnight air.
But one eve stands strong as a castle
Its foundation impenetrable in my mind
Of love
Of splendor
Built on rock
Engraved in my heart.

Let's Keep Moving Forward!!

        By Diane Hein
        October 31, 2003

Women's lib took off so many years ago
Gals could work in men's jobs
And for higher pay too.
But on Halloween
I observed at the mall
Little girls dressed as nurses
Little boys dressed as police
But not vice versa.
Gloria Steinem: you and I still have much to do!

Much to Learn

    By Diane Hein
           January 14, 2003

Rosy red cheeks puffed out in glee
A toddler's smile sets me so free.

Children delight in such small things
Treasures they find makes them rich kings.

The wee tots they bounce up and down
Their joy is like a happy clown.

I have much to learn from a child
To let go, have fun and be wild!

Carry On!

      By Diane Hein
       March 18, 2004

A screw up is a screw up
A decision that went wrong
Make an apology to yourself
Then after this carry on!

Time is scarce so use it well
Learn from the mistake you made
Remember its great lesson
Then after this carry on!

The Wow Factor

      By Diane Hein
       March 18, 2004

That incredible time of
A display of white orchids
A great moment or
A new idea
Whether in a relationship
Or by ourselves
When a wonderful experience
Takes wings
And lets us fly.

Reflections of Peace

      By Diane Hein
      March 18, 2004

Let's reflect on peace today
Always a goal
In the world
In the family
In our hearts
Peace...the ability to get along
To unify, to be tranquil, to be friends
All based on our ability to compromise.

Pretty in Pink

      By Diane Hein
      March 18, 2004

Oh pink rose
Catching morning sun
And absorbing life in early dawn
Beauty is who you are
And like a beautiful woman
Who enters a room
Speaking not one word
Your loveliness charms.

Haiku by Diane Hein

Trial and error
Trial and error
Trial and success!


Hemlines go up and down
Stock prices go up and down
Retail only goes higher!

A Two-Way Conversation

      By Diane Hein
      March 18, 2004

Life speaks to us
In so many ways:
Cut and dry
Out of focus
Or perfectly clear
Our days filled with
Rebuttals, reactions and replies.

Forest Cathedral

      By Diane Hein
      March 18, 2004

Reverence is found in trees
God's cathedral
Growing to touch heaven
Natural piety
Spiritual solitude
A place where we can go
To feel safe and loved
And to worship our Maker.

The Pink Preacher

      By Diane Hein
       March 18, 2004

So stately you rise this morning
Your long-stemmed podium
Gives you the privilege to preach
Your voice blooming in the sun with
All qualities you instill in me.

Ode to the Tulip!

      By Diane Hein
      March 18, 2004

Oh sweet tulip how proudly you stand
Tall, graceful with petals so fair
Glistening with morning dew
Catching the morning sun
I've loved you since a child
When you blossomed in early spring
But now as an adult
I love you even more!

Who Taught Me..

     By Diane Hein
     March 18, 2004

Who taught me to walk in God's wondrous way
Parents and church led me to Him each day.

Who taught me that Jesus Christ died for me
The Holy Bible God's written decree.

Who then taught me to love my fellow man
God who sacrificed his Son a huge plan.

Fitting In

      By Diane Hein
      March 18, 2004

Walk on a path of song
Where music fills your heart
And its beat pulses you forward.
Let yourself feel a rhythm
Of an upward tune
Then no more will you be alone
For joy will be your friend
Even in moments when you're alone.

Morning Tulip Fun!

      By Diane Hein
      March 18, 2004

Loveliness is the tall tulip
Growing gracefully in the light
Petals cupped and smooth in the morn
Opening up in the afternoon.

She sways gently with the soft breeze
Pretty any hour of the day
And so with her gay elegance
She bestows so much joy in me.

Viva La Difference!

     By Diane Hein
     March 18, 2004

A man's love surges forward
A woman's love tiptoes in.
A man's heart can consume his love
Like fire spreading in the wild
A woman's heart is gentle and steady
Like a candle burning into the night.
How wonderful that two different loves
Can bond people together for a lifetime.

On Meetings

     By Diane Hein
      March 18, 2004

Meetings of two
Meetings of ten
From friends meeting
To a business meeting
Life is filled with these gatherings.
Long live
Man's social nature!

Take to the Road!

     By Diane Hein
      March 18, 2004

It's fun to take to the road
On a walk, bike or in a car
To let yourself unfurl
When you have a mental curl!
Being on the road revives the spirit
And lets freedom ride
Deep in your soul.

Turning Right Side Up After Bottoms Up!

       By Diane Hein
       March 18, 2004

When life turns itself upside down
And you go bottoms up
Then it's time to take two deep breaths
And take action.
Call a friend, clean the house, go for a ride
Or be with nature
Whose soothing hands
Help restore one's own nature.

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