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Counting our Blessings

    By Diane Hein
     July 24, 2004

Yes it's very true we cannot always have what we want
So many things out of our reach and for us they can taunt.

Life is sometimes a toss of the dice as to what we get
Even with planning we can still lose our heart's greatest bet.

And so we must enjoy all that we have and all that we own
Cherishing each and every blessing like a gemstone.

Bronzed and Buffed Beefcake!

        by Diane Hein

With shoulders so broad and a waistline trim
Women love a man's muscles from a gym!

Pectorals that are pumped into great shape
Causes the ladies to giggle and gape.

A bountiful bicep from a strong arm
Will cause a gal to smile with so much charm.

Oh yes, it's the whole package that does count
But a buffed body I'll never discount!

Venetian Cheesecake!

   By Diane Hein
     July 24, 2004

A shapely leg
A sexy hip
A curvy bust
The female body parts that for men do entice
For them a mental bonfire does burn
And usually out of control!

Luscious lips
Rosy cheeks
Flowing hair
The added touches of Venetian beauty
That drive men wild
And bring on more Mars testosterone!

Morning Display

    By Diane Hein
     July 24, 2004

A peacock rainbow of flowers
Spreads its brilliant plumage
Spring boasts its paradise
Against the jeweled blue sky
Morning steps in to greet this solitude.
And in this shining display
Mother Nature's wealth is revealed
And in that moment a heart can be fulfilled.

Our Ying and Yang

    By Diane Hein
     July 24, 2004

Our ying, our yang
Our good, our bad
Our beauty, our beast
We are a melting pot of virtues, of faults.
So we must make haste
To let our souls be at peace
And love ourselves unconditionally.

Tulip Fun!

   By Diane Hein
     July 24, 2004

Loveliness is the bright tulip
Glowing gracefully in the light
Petals cupped and smooth in the morn
Opening up in the afternoon
The tulip sways with the soft breeze
Pretty any hour of the day.
And so with her gay elegance
She bestows so much joy in me.

Changing the Rules!

    By Diane Hein
    July 24, 2004

I want to change
Some of my rules
The ones I have made
Of how others should be and act.
Yes these commandments
Need amendments.
To let things go more often
So this yoke I wear
Will loosen at its seam
And more peace will I be at.

Magnolia Love

   By Diane Hein
     July 24, 2004

I found love under the magnolia tree
It was a glorious day.
Large white blossoms freshly blooming
Charming the air around me.
As so this magnificent tree courted me
While I fell under its spell.
And like Romeo and Julie
A lover's knot was tied.

What's In a Name?

    By Diane Hein
     July 24, 2004

She ordered a double almond mocha latte
Promises of flavors from a far off land.
A rich blend of inlaid warm elegance,
With an exotic brocade of harmony
Playing a cheerful melody on her palate.
At  first a lullaby
Then ending with a caffeine concert!!

Love Is...

         By Diane Hein
         July 24, 2004

Love is the fragrance of a rose
The laughter of a child
A rainbow in the sky
The giving of a gift
The passion between a man and a woman.
Love is a seduction of the senses
A captivating condition
Where the heart loses itself
Yet is the ultimate winner.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

        By Diane Hein
        July 24, 2004

Common interests and common goals
Bring friends together
Families together
Nations together.
It's easy when likes like like.
But let's walk together
And work together
Even in our differences.

The Devoted Gardener

        By Diane Hein
        July 24, 2004

Devoted gardeners keep a faithful eye
On their flourishing flower beds every day.
They watch carefully for brand new buds
And also for divine shoots that sprout from seed.
The gardener's religion is to water, fertilize and weed
And preach well-written sermons of love and care.
They tend to their growing congregation each day
Who'll then thrive and bloom for days on end.

On Peace

        By Diane Hein
        July 24, 2004

I do not understand
Some men's quest to conquer
For them to control and to rule
What lies behind their desire to kill
And to be more powerful than all.
Centuries go by and still we war
With ruling tyrants and their personal quest.
We all long for tranquility
But peace must first begin in our homes.

One Goal of Mine

      By Diane Hein
       January 16, 2005

I want to write two-headed poems
Ones that are easy to read
But yet have a message
A handsome body of work
Which stands erect
And with limber legs
To carry it into the future.

Morning Mood

        By Diane Hein
       January 16, 2005

He was in a sepia mood
A morning feeling old
Tinged with brown at the edges.
Fragile memories still haunt him
A relationship now marooned
In that fleeting pond of love
Where did his power go?
How soon can he get it back?

Thoughts for the Day By Diane Hein

Poetry is a blossoming flower, as a blossoming flower is poetry.

What binds a family together is love, what binds a society together is caring.

A smile is not only ageless, but adds youth to the wearer.

A great day is worked in solitude, but which produces a worthy resonance.

Let’s walk tall like God, speak like angels, forgive like Jesus.

A Woman’s Hips!

          By Diane Hein
         January 16, 2005

A woman’s hips are magic to a man
As they sway in motion and side to side!

The structure of her bones can tantalize
A man’s at their mercy and he will sigh!

He wants to touch them and her curvy buns
But oh, if not his mate’s he must resist!

My Life’s Inventory

     By Diane Hein
      January 16, 2005

I have planted seeds in the spring
And gathered flowers in the fall.

I have sat down with friends
And shared life’s sacred moments.

I have laughed at my foibles
And cried at some too.

I’ve loved in my life
And lost love too.

I have danced at weddings
But not yet my own.

I have worked many jobs
And still want to work more.

I’ve traveled far and wide
And still want to explore more

I’ve golfed many a game
And joyously got a hole in one.

I took many changes
And still want to take more.

To All Fishermen and Fisherwomen!    By Diane Hein   

(the word "fisherman" and "he" is used below for brevity)

The heart of a fisherman is to throw his line
To catch a prize fish well, that would be more than fine!

The weekends are his private getaway to fish
Whether just for sport or to catch a dinner's dish.

Many things to pack:  lures, lines, sinkers, rods and reels
Whether fishing on land, rowboats or on ships with wheels.

So to all fishermen, I wish the best to you
Because the lure of the fish runs so deep and true.

Thought of the Day by Diane Hein

A true fisherman must first fish for patience.

Smile of the Day by Diane Hein

Fishing lures the heart, catches the soul and hooks the wallet!  :)


Hope flies!

    By Diane Hein
     July 6, 2010

Hope shot up today
Like an arrow it flew swiftly by me.
I felt its quiver
Brushing my heart with new cheer.
Like a buoy, it lifted me
A nugget of optimism
Which sailed like a dream right before me.
Still, I'm unable to pull it back ashore.
Yet there it was
Its silent wings beating in air
Just looking for a secure place to land.


Ride Out the Storm

    By Diane Hein
     December 15, 2010

Ride out each storm
Hold on through the torments and trials
Let friends be your comfort
And believe you are strong.
Grief will come
So sail on top its waves
Things may not go your way
But when it’s over
Look for the light
Its possibilities
Then find a rainbow in your heart
And let your colors start to flow.


Time Passing

    By Diane Hein
    December 22, 2010

Has it become easier
These two weeks he’s been gone
The broken heart
The endless grief
The long days with tears
He's not there to calm my fears.
The then, the now
Where time once trembled so
Yet the present lives
And the murmur of my heart goes on.

Stepping Forward

    By Diane Hein
     December 29, 2010

We know the jolts, the bumps, the bruises
That life delivers so endlessly
The rough spots, the hills we have to climb
It’s a journey we cannot deny.

Let friends’ helping hands reach out to you
For they can be a soft healing touch.
Then be strong and believe hope exists
And bit by bit slowly step forward.


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