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Finding Comfort

    By Diane Hein
    January 1, 2011

When times are hard as they often can be
We search for strength even in one tall tree.

We may comfort ourselves with much food and drink
Eating and sipping to repair each link.

Searching for old ways to cheer ourselves up
We still hope for a brand new mental makeup.

So open your heart to the Man above
And let God comfort you with peace and love.

Reuniting Yourself

    By Diane Hein
    January 1, 2011

When we get stripped of who was precious to us
Or what was important or what was pleasurable
The whole of us turns into parts
A sheaved circle now divided
Into bits and hyphens .… ----
The completed puzzle we thought we were
Has missing pieces of what we are now.

So seek a strong shield
With friends, hope and courage
Memories, new activities, hobbies and prayer
For without endings
There can be no beginnings
Without closure there can be no openings
Because the soul can reunite itself in due time
If you just allow it.


One line thoughts for the day by Diane Hein     December 15, 2010

Laughing may not heal all wounds but it’s still a great Band-Aid!

Yes, loss of a loved one cuts like a knife, but never allow it cut through you.

A goal begins with an image, but achievement only is reached with a belief to win it.

A little bit of humor satisfies like chocolate!

Like a diamond, a happy life has many facets.

Stress is never easy to handle so get a grip on it and push it around!

Treat grief like a rope, there may be stings from its whiplash, but you can endure it.

God gave us tear ducts for a reason, He approves of you using them if need be.

I never question my tears; there’s a time for them to start and a time to stop.

A life is built on many alternatives so analyze each choice, then prepare for the challenge.

Treat your mind like a clock, see a goal and keep moving forward until you reach it. 

If you get lost on the trail of life, don’t start over; just readjust your feet and attitude.


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