Let’s Reach Out by Diane Hein

          Let’s reach out our arms
            And let them catch what is good.
            Let’s reach out our arms
            And let them stretch into the future.
            But most of all
            Let’s reach out our arms
            And let them hold a tired soul.

         Thought for the Day by Diane Hein

            After winners reach their limits,
            they then seek to stretch them.

         Smile for the Day by Diane Hein

            Sometimes we have to really wiggle our words
            to reach a listener!  :)
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Below is another poem relating to this photo.

The Old Oak Tree  by Diane Hein

Your outstretched limbs and leaves of green
Come protect me now from the wind.
I will seek refuge in your arms
To help me again feel thick-skinned.
Nature has its most humble way
To give her hand to us
When we need a mental lift without a fuss.
So for this hour I'll take some pause
And learn back against your proud bark
Then I will rise up again
And feel strong like famed Joan of Arc.