Red, White and Blue Forever!  By Diane Hein

            Forever live The Red, White and Blue
             Freedom fought from visions of a few.

             Let's raise our flags proudly in the air
             A majestic sight beyond compare!

             Old Glory born from a noble dream
             A democracy, not a regime!                                

          Thought for the Day by Diane Hein

          Let's all be silent heroes, to keep our freedoms,
             let's all get out and vote.

          Smile for the Day by Diane Hein

          Hot dogs, burgers and apple pie...
            an American tradition where calories don't count!  :)

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"This photo is my pride and joy still life.    All the flowers in the photo are 100% real! I worked on this photo for months, finding the right
red, white and blue vase, (many an hour in stores) and then waiting for my dark blue flowers in my garden to bloom and then practicing
first with silk flowers. The real roses, one red and one white, I bought from a floral department. I took the roses apart, petal by petal and then hot glued them back together, added the blue flowers to represent the flag's stars and blue color, and then photographed them all together."


Below are other poems relating to this photo.

Haiku by Diane Hein

Flags are hung
Freedom flies
Americans are free.


Fireworks explode
Oohs and ahs erupt
The sound of freedom's fun!