The Safety Harbor Resort and Spa by Diane Hein

The Safety Harbor Resort and Spa is a landmark treasure to behold
Resting on land with a history that dates over 2,000 years old.

Healing springs were claimed when Spaniard Hernando de Soto sailed into port.
A Fountain of Youth is said to reside at this proud Tampa Bay resort.

And so the Spa’s renowned reputation over the years grew far and wide
You’ll love it there for fun, rest, fitness, tennis, spa, salon or by poolside!

Thoughts for the Day by Diane Hein

Let's save our historic landmarks, because then we bank on enriching the future.

Smiles for the Day by Diane Hein

Indulge yourself, NOT in chocolate but in pampering at the plush Safety Harbor Resort and Spa!   :)

If the Fountain of Youth is at the Safety Harbor Spa and Resort, sign me up! :)

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