In Honor of Their Love by Diane Hein

             Kisses cultivating bushes of roses
             Hugs growing sun-filled daisies
             Love raising years of fruit-filled fields.
             Theirs is a love forever
             Over fifty years a celebration
             A romantic partnership.
             Love at first sight
             A garden can be planted with just one glance.

           "I met this delightful couple, Allan and Sarah Stewart, at the 2003
            Scottish Highland Games.  I traveled all the way to Dunedin, Florida
            for these wonderful games and Scottish ceilidh (festival)...10 minutes
            from my home!  The Highland Games are an annual event in Dunedin.
            Allan and Sarah are originally from Scotland, and moved here years
            ago and have been married for 53 years! :)  Be sure to celebrate
            Tartan Day, April 6.  Since 1998, Tartan Day has been designated
            by the U.S. Senate as April 6 each year, in recognition of the
            contribution made by generations of Scottish-Americans to the
            foundation and prosperity of modern America."

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