Stillness by Diane Hein

      There is peace now
        Stillness under tall trees
        Cool green grass tickling my feet
        The hour must be picked now
        Savored, tasted
        So when life’s caravan starts again
        The impossible shall become possible.

      Thought for the Day by Diane Hein

      When we are still, the magic of a silent world awaits us.

      Smile for the Day by Diane Hein

        It’s easy for me to find peace and stillness,
        I just unplug the phone and TV!  :)

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My Melody By Diane Hein

I love it when the tranquil winds blow
Not from the blue sky but in my heart
Where my life is calm and I'm aglow
And peace rings gently in each part.

Then this strong sense of ease and delight
Lifts my spirit high up to the skies
And again I'm in love morn until night
Where the melody of well being flies.

One Glorious Day by Diane Hein
The air was like silk
Smooth and delicate
Suspended lightly between two trees.
Exquisite was the breeze
Tiptoeing across my face
Its courtesy soothing my soul.