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If your computer runs slow in linking to the larger photos on my web page OR is slow to go back to the home page, please write me.   I will give you a free web site that offers anti spyware and anti popups so your computer will run efficiently and with great speed!

1.   Hellograms are wonderful gifts for friends, co-workers or loved ones for any holiday, birthday or occasion. I combine my poetry and photography to make a specialty postcard.  Hellograms come in packages with the same design or packages with an assortment of photographs and poetry.   How to Order

2.     Hellocards  are similar to Hellograms in that they combine my poetry and photography but  they are a folded greeting card with a white envelope.  Choose any photo from this web site for Hellocards. How to Order

3.   Bookmarks make a fun gift by themselves and an easy gift to tuck into a greeting card on birthdays or holidays. Each bookmark has a photograph from this web site and a matching poem.   How to Order

4.    Note cards  make excellent gifts and include one of my photographs on the front side, blank on the inside for your message, and of course an envelope for mailing.   There is NO postage on these.  How to Order

5.  Wearable Art Photo Transfer Kits are fun gifts for a crafter you know.  Just choose a photo you think the person would like and order the photo transfer kit.  Your gift recipient can then make his or her own personalized garment!
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6.  Mouse Pad Kits are not only a useful gift but with a beautiful photo on a mouse pad makes mouse work more fun! If you know a crafter, then the mouse pad kit would be a wonderful gift.   How to Order

7.  Photo Art Tote Bag Kits are a fun and practical craft all year round and make a super gift idea any time of the year. Flower photos for the gardener or female friend you know, humor for fun photos and any of the still life photos make beautiful imprints on these sturdy tote bags.   They come in fashionable canvas fabric or for a more dressy occasion or church, bright white polyester. How to Order

8.  Photography  makes a beautiful gift for someone.  Choose a photograph that fits his or her hobbies or interests and then order them matted or unmatted, add a frame and give to someone special.   How to Order

9  "A Collection of Poems by Diane Hein"   (Coming soon! I have put together favorite poems into a poetry book.   The book includes many themes including:  inspirational, humorous, garden, flowers, animals, pets, love, nature, Haiku (Japanese poetry), Mars/Venus and one liners which include Thought for the Day and Smile for the Day.  It makes a wonderful gift for someone since it has a wide variety of subjects so there are poems and one liners in it to please everyone.  It makes a wonderful gift to someone as it has a wide variety of poetry to appeal to readers. How to Order

10. A Yearly Calendar  is a beautiful way to greet each day with a photography and perfect as a small gift to someone.  Any photo from this web site may be chosen for this calendar, however recommended is a horizontal type photo so it will cover the width of the paper.  The yearly calendar comes  in two sizes with any photo from this web site.  The yearly calendar is below the photo and is printed on high gloss photo paper.

1.  8 by 11.5 (standard letter size)

2.  11 by 17 inches

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11. Screen Savers (coming soon!) are a wonderful gift to give anyone with a home or office computer.I've collected favorite photographic images and combined them with inspirational messages to create a beautiful display whenever your computer is idle.  The recipient of this gift can now travel to the magnificent Grand Canyon, a serene wooded forest, a peaceful Japanese garden, a colorful flower garden, a glorious sunset, a breath-taking mountain, a sail boat during a sunset, or a sunny, tropical beach without ever leaving his or her computer!  They can travel peacefully through time with beautiful scenery that they can enjoy throughout your day.  How to Order

12.  Photo Art Tote Bags, Ready Made.

Canvas Fabric Tote Bag

These fashionable canvas tote bags are made with the beautiful photos and matching poetry from my web site. So whether you want a tote bag for yourself or to give as a gift these bags are the way to go!  These large beautiful, tote bags are perfect for carrying books, hobby or craft items, small packages, garden tools, etc.  The photos are transferred onto the tote bag with a special paper that is picture perfect meaning the photo is as vivid and colorful as if it were framed for your wall.
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13.  Photoscapes

"Photoscapes" are a select group of my matted and framed, 5 by 7 inch fine art photos featuring my outdoor photography.  Photoscapes are perfect for a little thank you gift or a gift for someone special because they come framed.  Photoscapes are also great to fill in a little space or nook in your home or office where you can pass by and just feel the great outdoors and be in touch with nature.   Since each photo has a matching Hellocard greeting card, you will receive its matching Hellocard for FREE!
How to Order

Volume orders available for businesses, write for prices:  Email Me

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