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Why mouse around on a gray pad when you can have one with a beautiful photo on it!  Make a beautiful mouse pad at your computer with any photo from below.    Or choose a beautiful photo from below for a friend or relative that fits their hobbies or interests and make a mouse pad as a great gift.  Or send a mouse pad kit for a crafter you know.   The mouse pad measures 9 by 7 inches with rounded corners.   How to Order

Red White & Blue Forever!

Blue Paradise

Stay on Course!

Who Called This Meeting! ?

Toast for Two

Elegant Lady

Reach Out

Cozy and Quaint

Rosy Beauty

A New Day


Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Floating at Dawn

Born to Ride!!

Bottoms Up at the Park!

Red Beauty

Smiling Daisies

Bridge to Serenity

Pretty in Pink

Ever Have One of Those Days?

Sunset Magic

Joyful Mums


I Just Want to Fit In!

Black Beauty

        Red Rose Splendor

A Time to Reflect

Skirting Around!

Sunset Sail

Guard Dog!

Dewy Eyed

Wanna Come to My Place?

Raindrops in a Bubble

Hearts and Roses

I'll Carry Your Load

The '57 Chevy...An American Icon

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Duck Crossing...Step Aside Please

Reach for Your Dreams

If the Shoe Fits...
Buy One In Every Color!

Pride, Dignity & Loyalty

Pink Preacher

On the Right Path...
     Love Lasts Forever

Tulip Happiness

Forest Cathedral

Sunrise in a Hot Air Balloon!

Reach for the Moon

Azalea Splendor

Just Clowing Around!

Why Can't Men Ever Ask for

First Kiss

Golden Glow

Sunny Beauty

Morning Tulip Fun!

I've Been a Good Girl Today!

Let's Dance!

Wooded Paradise

If You Need Advice, Just Ask Me!

So Just How Old Are You! ?

Orange Joy

Buffed and Bronzed Beefcake!

Buffed and Bronzed Cheesecake!

Path to Serenity

Hat Parade!

Guitar Heaven!

Fish Heaven!

Reflections of Peace

Sunset Splendor

Morning at the Docks

Sunset Splendor at the Grand Canyon

          1937 MG TA

Hat Parade!

The Easter Cross