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Screen Savers   Coming soon!

    Here are four samples from the screen saver
  Bridge to Serenity            Sunset Sail         Wooded Paradise     Sunset Magic

I've collected favorite photographic images and combined them with inspirational messages to create a beautiful display whenever your computer is idle.  You can now travel to the magnificent Grand Canyon, a serene wooded forest, a peaceful Japanese garden, a colorful flower garden, a glorious sunset, a breath-taking mountain, a sail boat during a sunset, or a sunny tropical beach without ever leaving your computer!  Travel peacefully through time with beautiful scenery that you can enjoy throughout your day.

How to Order    Poem below

Hang Free!

            By Diane Hein

Hang free now and then
Escape your daily hourglass
The sun promises joy
The sky holds peace
The trees give strength
The mountains give hope
You'll get back in focus
Mother Nature lets you be free.