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Canvas Tote Bag Kits with Photos and Matching Poetry  FREE!!  More Photos Below

                 Red Beauty

                Cozy and Quaint

If  the Shoe Fits, Buy One In Every Color!!

                  Let's Dance!

Here is a sample of the back of the tote bag with the FREE poetry and Thought for the Day and Smile for the Day imprinted.

Below is an actual photo of a tote bag with the photo "Let's Dance!"

Canvas Fabric Photo Art Tote Bag Kits

These fashionable, canvas tote bags are year-round crafts.  They are made with the beautiful photos and poetry from my web site and are easy to make in just ten minutes!   All you need is an iron, a pillow case and a hard surface (any table top will do).   After ironing the bag first, you simply peel the photo and poetry from the transfer paper, cover with the enclosed white parchment paper and iron the photo and poetry onto the canvas bag.  It is that simple!   So whether you want a tote bag for yourself, to give as a gift or make them to start a wonderful at-home business, these kits are the way to go!  You can sell the tote bags to your friends, relatives and or retail outlets.

The tote bag kit is complete with text instructions and step-by-step assembly photos to make it easy to follow directions so you can make a beautiful tote bag.   The photos are transferred and ironed onto the tote bag with a special paper that is picture perfect meaning the photo is as vivid and colorful as if it were framed for your wall.

The canvas tote bag has a bottom gusset expanding to 2 inches on the bottom which is helpful for carrying larger or for toting many items.  It  weighs 5 ounces, has strong 1.5' wide, black carry straps, and measures 14"x16".   Since it is sturdy, yet very fashionable, you can carry heavy books, garden tools or other large packages in it easily.  They make an excellent gift too. The photo for horizontal photos is 10.5 inches by 8 inches (vertical photos like Red Beauty above measure 8.5 inches by 10.5 inches and the matching poetry and Thought for the Day and Smile for the Day are imprinted FREE onto the transfer paper!!

Choose your photo you wish on your tote bag from the photos below on this page.

Here is the poetry and the Thought for the Day and The Smile for the Day for the tote bag photo shown above:   Cozy and Quaint.

Cozy and Quaint

        by Diane Hein

I like cozy and quaint
Beautiful wood with no paint.

Flowers placed to decorate
Form such a pretty portrait.

Plates with a timeless design
All these make me feel divine.

Thought for the Day by Diane Hein

A cozy feeling is when we know we did our best.

Smile for the Day by Diane Hein

Quaint is a wonderful word except when itís used to describe people over forty! :)

Here is the poetry for the tote bag with the photo shown above:  When the Shoe Fits, Buy One in Every Color!

When the Shoe Fits, Buy One in Every Color!

        by Diane Hein

Women have such a passion for shoes
They are fun and chase away the blues!

In all the colors of the rainbow
Shoes dress a woman from head to toe.

Of all the styles high heels are still king
As a galís walk has a sexy fling!

Thought for the Day by Diane Hein

To go up the ladder of success, we must wear track shoes.

Smile for the Day by Diane Hein

A womanís place is not in the home, itís in a shoe store!  :)

Here is the poetry for the tote bag with the photo shown above:  Let's Dance!

Letís Dance!

        by Diane Hein

Letís dance to the metrical freedom of a song
When notes are combined into feeling
A distinct vibration
To set our feet free.
Letís dance to the melodic sentiment of a song
Its poetry intertwined in each verse
A bit of philosophy
To set our souls free.

Thought for the Day by Diane Hein

Dancing is not just physical movement, but also a way of communicating.

Smile for the Day by Diane Hein

If you canít dance because of two left feet, just wiggle your booty!  :)

Choose any photo below for your beautiful tote bag and the matching poetry and Thought and Smile for the Day will be imprinted FREE!!!

Red White & Blue Forever!

Blue Paradise

Stay on Course!

Who Called This Meeting! ?

Toast for Two

Elegant Lady

Reach Out

Cozy and Quaint

Rosy Beauty

A New Day


Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Floating at Dawn

Born to Ride!!

Bottoms Up at the Park!

Red Beauty

Smiling Daisies

Bridge to Serenity

Pretty in Pink

Ever Have One of Those Days?

Sunset Magic

Joyful Mums


I Just Want to Fit In!

Black Beauty

        Red Rose Splendor

A Time to Reflect

Skirting Around!

Sunset Sail

Guard Dog!

Dewy Eyed

Wanna Come to My Place?

Raindrops in a Bubble

Hearts and Roses

I'll Carry Your Load

The '57 Chevy...An American Icon

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Duck Crossing...Step Aside Please

Reach for Your Dreams

If the Shoe Fits...
Buy One In Every Color!

Pride, Dignity & Loyalty

Pink Preacher

On the Right Path...
     Love Lasts Forever

Tulip Happiness

Forest Cathedral

Sunrise in a Hot Air Balloon!

Reach for the Moon

Azalea Splendor

Just Clowing Around!

Why Can't Men Ever Ask for

First Kiss

Golden Glow

Sunny Beauty

Morning Tulip Fun!

I've Been a Good Girl Today!

Let's Dance!

Wooded Paradise

If You Need Advice, Just Ask Me!

So Just How Old Are You! ?

Orange Joy

Buffed and Bronzed Beefcake!

Buffed and Bronzed Cheesecake!

Path to Serenity

Hat Parade!

Guitar Heaven!

Fish Heaven!

Reflections of Peace

Sunset Splendor

Morning at the Docks

Sunset Splendor at the Grand Canyon

Hat Parade!

The Easter Cross


If your computer runs slow in linking to the larger photos on my web page OR is slow to go back to the home page, please write me.   I will give you a free web site that offers anti spyware and anti popups so your computer will run efficiently and with great speed!

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